Cold Season Life Savers


Ah yes, tis the season of nasty, stuffy, snotty colds. I paint a pretty picture, don’t I? I recently got over one of those colds and made some discoveries that have really helped me when I was feeling gross.I was using the cheapest tissues from the drugstore and by the end of the first day, my nose was rubbed raw. It was actually kind of painful. So when I went to restock, I decided to splurge and get the ones infused with lotion. Enter Puffs Plus Lotion and Vicks. Oh my word. These are amazing. Not only are they much softer on the skin, but the Vicks scent really helps to open up your sinuses and is just a soothing scent. Love these.

The next thing was recommended to me by one of my besties. She recommended Aquaphor ointment for my chapped lips and chapped nose. Mostly my poor nose. I put a little bit of this on the dry, chapped skin around my nose and I kid you not, it was gone in an hour. This stuff is amazing. It’s similar to Vaseline without the smell. It works great on chapped lips and other dry patches as well. I tend to get rough, cracked heels in the winter so I’m going to try it there as well.

I hope you guys have not had any bad colds this season. But if you have, do you have any go to remedies?


One thought on “Cold Season Life Savers

  1. Aquaphor is great for dry or chapped skin, treating the lips, an overnight face mask (doesn’t break me out!), a foot balm, and over lipstick as a healthy gloss! I have gotten so many uses out of mine. It basically is vaseline plus healing ingredients. aka magic.


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