Treat Yo Self: MAC Edition

FullSizeRender (2)

When payday came around I was feeling a little bit spendy. There were a few things I had my eye on at MAC and I decided to go for it and have a Treat Yo Self moment. I am really pleased with these purchases and so glad that I decided to splurge. 

The photo above is of the MAC Warm Neutrals Palette. This is a pre-made palette so you don’t choose all of the colors yourself. I had been going back and forth about this for a while. I mean come on, do I really NEED another neutral eyeshadow palette? Well yes is the answer. It has a really pretty assortment of colors and all of the colors in the palette are ones that I didn’t already have. I think if you’re just starting out with MAC and aren’t sure what to get, this would be a great option. They also have a Cool Neutrals palette if that’s more your style. So far there’s only one color that was a little hard to swatch (I think it was the center shade in the middle row, Honey Lust). But I haven’t used it on the eyes yet and I might get a better result with a brush. Over all I’m really happy with this one.

FullSizeRender (3)

I fully blame Lily Pebbles for this next combo. The lipstick is Mehr, a matte muted rosy pink shade (described on the site as “dirty blue pink”) and Soar lipliner, which I think really needs no introduction. Lily has worn this combo in a few of her videos and it looked right up my alley. Because I really need another rosy pink lipstick (post on that collection coming soon…). But it is a really pretty combo and since the lipstick is matte it is quite long lasting as well.

What are your favorite MAC products?


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