Top 5 Blushes


Oh Blush…how do I love thee? Blush is my second guiltiest beauty pleasure. I just love it. It makes me look more awake when I’m feeling tired or sick. I just can’t get enough of it. I love all of my blushes but here are the ones that have reached top 5 status.

  1. MAC “Blushbaby” – This is a great neutral blush. It’s perfect when you’re wearing a bold lip or eye look. It gives just the right amount of color. This is a sheertone finish so it might not work for deeper skin tones but I just love it.
  2. Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Skintuitive Blush “Energy” – Unfortunately this shade is exclusive to VIB and VIB Rouge customers on Sephora’s website. But if you have someone that can get it for you, I highly recommend it. It’s supposed to be a self adjusting shade to create a custom color on your skin. I don’t know if that’s entirely true but it does create the most natural looking flush on your skin. This one is newer to me and I’ve already made a bit of a dent in it. Love.
  3. The Balm “Frat Boy” – This is the perfect peachy pink. The packaging is adorable. I don’t have much more to say about this one. It’s just a really pretty simple blush. Great for every day.
  4. IT Cosmetics CC+ Radiance Ombre Blush “Je Ne Sais Quoi” – This is new to me but I have been going to this one quite a bit in the past few weeks. I love that you can go deeper or lighter with the ombre effect. It is quite pigmented so you need to use a light hand. But gosh it is so pretty. As the name would suggest, it does look quite radiant on the skin.
  5. Clinique Cheek Pop “Heather Pop” – These are just so cute to look at. I love the muted pink color of this blush, and the finish is a really pretty satin which is my ideal finish. I have a few of these but this has become my favorite of the bunch.

Honorable Mention: Colour Pop “Birthday Suit”

I have so many that I love so this one was really hard. It was like the Sophie’s Choice of Blushes.

What are your top 5?

What Top 5 should I do next?


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