Colour Pop Fall 2015


Ever since my first order, I have been a bit obsessed with Colour Pop products. The Lippie Stix do not disappoint and they have some really beautiful eye and cheek products. So when I saw that they were releasing a 90’s themed Fall Collection, I knew I had to pick up more than a few items. Now, I’m not quite brave enough to go for the really bold or bright colors so I stuck to neutrals. Because I’m predictable like that.

First, the Lippie Stix. I went for Oh Snap, a beigy pink nude. I feel like on, me this leans a little more brown than I thought it would. But it still has just enough pink in it to work for me. Next is Contempo, a dusty rose pink. Boy oh boy. This is my kind of color. It’s a perfect pink for fall. It’s a perfect pink for always really. This is my favorite of the three I got. Last is Dazed. At first it looks like a nice blue toned red in the tube, but on the lips it has more of a berry pink tone to it. I really like this one. All of the Lippie Stix have matching liners and are all in a matte finish.

I got three of the eyeshadows as well in the shades I Spy, Boy Band and, Central Perk. I Spy is a pretty peach matte shade. This works really well as a transition shade for me. Boy Band is a deep shimmering bronze. This is a really beautiful shade. I do have a lot of shadows in this kind of shade however, there is something to be said for Colour Pop’s formula. Central Perk is my favorite. In the pan it looks like a nice, deep matte brown. But when you swatch it, it has the most beautiful burgundy undertone. So SO pretty.

Swatches are below:

L to R: Oh Snap, Contempo, Dazed, Boy Band, I Spy, Central Perk

Can we also talk for a minute about how perfect the names are? I love a good 90s reference. It makes me feel like a kid again.

Have you guys tried anything from the Fall Collection? What are your favorites?


2 thoughts on “Colour Pop Fall 2015

    1. It’s a really beautiful collection. I also kinda want the sets they released…but I need to exercise a little bit of self control 🙂


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