Velvet 59 “The Exotic Lotus Palette”


This palette has been making the rounds on the YouTube and Beauty Blog scene and has been getting a lot of positive reviews. Having never heard of this brand before, I thought it would be interesting to give it a go and see if it lives up to the hype.

First a bit about the brand directly from the website:

“Velvet 59 is about capturing vintage glamour from a bygone era and bringing it to the Modern World, while sourcing sustainable, 100% vegan ingredients that also give back to the community. I realize that is a tall order, but I’m here to tackle it and to make it a reality.

Velvet 59 also sources beneficial ingredients never before used in cosmetics such as Sacha Inchi oil, a 100% extra virgin seed oil which is native to the Amazon Rainforest and has been a part of Amazonian life for many generations. This translates to ongoing support for rural Amazonian communities. Both a powerful skin-treatment and a potent anti-aging ingredient, this product is good for the body, good for the planet, and good for the greater community.”

I think the cause is really admirable and all of the products are also cruelty free which is another great quality to these products. I don’t own a ton of organic beauty products but I’m glad to start here and support a small brand.

Now onto the palette. These are beautiful shadows. They’re very pigmented and blendable and are on par with many more well known brands. Some of the shades are even better. I really like that most of these shadows are matte and I think they’ve chosen the glitter or shimmer shades very well. My favorite shade is Tiger Lily which is a very beautiful coppery red shade. This is perfect for fall and I find this shade to compliment my light eyes quite well. I’m very happy to have this in my collection.

The packaging is also just beautiful. It’s a cardboard exterior with a magnetic closure (similar to Lorac packaging but not quite as slim. I LOVE the cover art. It’s just so pretty to look at! The eyeshadow pans are also removable which I think is a nice feature. My only complaint with the packaging is that there’s no mirror which might make it difficult to travel with. But it’s not the end of the world.


Do you have this palette? What other Velvet 59 products have you tried?


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