Tartelette 2 In Bloom Palette Review and Swatches


I love Tarte as a brand, so when I saw the teasers for their second Tartelette palette I was so excited. I already really like the first one and love using it on its own or as a companion to an all shimmer palette. However, I think that the second one trumps the first one.

Top to Bottom: Charmer, Jetsetter, Rocker, Smokeshow, Flower Child, Smarty Pants, Firecracker, Activist, Funny Girl, Sweetheart, Rebel, Leader

You can see that this palette is much warmer than the first while still giving you some cooler taupe tones to work with. The mattes (9 out of 12 are matte) are great quality. Totally on par with the first palette. But the shimmers…OH THE SHIMMERS. I literally said “WOW!” out loud when I put Firecracker on my lid. Incredibly pigmented and smooth. They’re really pretty and steal the show in this palette and are the reason why I love this more than the first one. I’ve included a comparison shot below.

FullSizeRender (8)
Tartelette 2 on the Left, Tartelette 1 on the Right

The packaging is the same size and weight as the first but with a beautiful watercolor pattern on the front.

If you have a lot of neutral palettes, you might not need this. But as a person obsessed with makeup (Palettes specifically) this is a must have.

Have you tried this palette yet? Are you as in love as I am?


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