Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette


I’ve always been into makeup but I’ve only recently gotten SUUUPER into makeup. So I missed the boat on the first 3 Vice Palettes. After seeing pictures of all the previous vice palettes, I wasn’t sure that I should get the Vice 4. They tend to have far brighter colors than I am known to use (#AddictedToNeutrals). But when the Sephora VIB Sale came around I figured, “why not” and added it to my basket.

First, the packaging. It’s really, really cool. I love the duo-chrome, oil slick colors and it’s nice that it comes with a little pouch. Aesthetics aside, it’s very sturdy and there’s a huge mirror which is a big plus. I also quite like the brush that comes with it.

There are some great neutrals and of course those have been the ones I use most frequently. The brights are really pretty though and came in good use for my company’s 80s themed holiday party (especially the shade 1985). The glittery shades do have a fair amount of fall out and a lot of these have much better payoff when used with a little Fix+. Overall I really like it. I’m not sure that given the chance, I would repurchase it. Not that it isn’t a good palette, but I don’t use it nearly as much as I should for the price. I included a sample of swatches below all dry and not over any primer.


If you were considering buying this palette and maybe had some reservations about the price tag, you’re in luck! The Vice 4 Palette is now on sale on Ulta’s website!

Do you have this palette? What are your thoughts?


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