Lunatick Cosmetic Labs

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I wanna start by saying, “SORRY I’VE BEEN GONE SO LONG!” I know I haven’t posted in an age or two. Life kinda got the best of me and I’ve been crazy busy and sick as a dog. But I’m on the up and up so let’s just get back to it, shall we?

I’ve seen a little bit about Lunatick Cosmetics on the YouTube and I couldn’t help but ooh and ahh over the packaging and interesting products. So I decided to have a “Treat Yo Self” moment (don’t I always?) and pick up a few things. 

The first item to go in the basket was the Contour Book. This is by far the most interesting contour palette I own and definitely the most well rounded. It has a variety of cool contour shades, warm contour shades, blushes and setting/highlighting powders. The pigmentation is really nice and not at all hard to blend out. I imagine these would be great matte eyeshadows as well. Don’t be intimidated by the very gray looking contours. If you like a contour powder on the cooler side, these look really lovely. Just make sure to use a light hand and build it up slowly. The blushes are really  nice and I’ve used some of the warmer browns as a bronzer as well. I’d love to find a use for that very light blue-ish gray color. And the packaging. THE PACKAGING! It reminds me of Winifred’s Book from ‘Hocus Pocus’. It is an expensive palette. But when you consider the variety and the amount of product you’re getting, I think it’s actually a pretty good deal.

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A sample of swatches from the Contour Book.

I also picked up the Supernatural Eyeshadow Palette. Again, the packaging is so cool. Shaped like a coffin, bat shaped mirror. Just awesome. And the shadows are really nice as well! It’s a very cool toned palette but I think the colors are really lovely and create a very pretty, soft look. I’m digging this one.


I also picked up the Mattifying Powder (which is shaped like a Ouija board thingy!) and the eyeshadow primer. The powder is a nice setting powder and I think it’s sheer enough that you can use it to touch up during the day and you won’t feel too cakey. I also really like that the primer is white. It creates a really nice clean slate for eyeshadow to sit on. It’s quite tacky which is great for shadows to stick to but can be tricky to blend out. It held up pretty well on my eyelids before creasing but I also have extremely oily skin and eyelids.

Have you ever tried this brand? I’m really digging the aesthetic and quality of the products and I think I might need to get some of their lipsticks in my hands. Also, they’re based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin! That’s where I’m from! Gotta love a sweet ass company from Wisco!



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