In the Balm of Your Hand


When I first saw the pictures of this palette, I thought it was pretty, but that I didn’t need it. Let’s be real, I don’t really need any of the things I buy. But that’s not the point. But when I saw Emily Noel of Beauty Broadcast rave about it, I thought it was worth a look! I have to say, this is the perfect palette for traveling! It really has everything you could need in a palette. Blushes? Check. Bronzer? Check. A variety of neutral shadows? Check. A red lip option? Check. A nude lip option? Check. You name it this has it. At first I was concerned that there wasn’t a good, matte crease shade but the bronzer is really pretty for that. I also like that there are separate flaps for the powder products and the cream products. That way, there is less chance of fallout getting mixed in. If I’m being really picky, I’d say that I could do without the lip products. It’s not that they aren’t nice colors or quality. But if I’m going to wear them, I don’t want to have to carry around the palette for the day if I need to reapply and quite honestly, I probably won’t use them that much. I will mention that a couple of the pans had come loose when it arrived. Nothing was broken and it was easily fixed with a little glue. But annoying none the less.

Do you guys have this palette? What do you think?


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