I Have a Problem with MAC Palettes…

FullSizeRender (19)

And the problem is that I can’t. Stop. Buying them! My current tally is at 4 15-Pan Palettes, 1 Quad, 1 9-Pan mini palette and a little duo.

I first started with a custom 15-Pan palette (mentioned here). Since completing this palette, some of the shades have been shifted around but not too much. I was new to MAC eyeshadows at the time and was really impressed with how they performed. After that, I was hooked. I couldn’t be stopped! Next was the Warm Neutrals Palette. This is probably my favorite of the bunch. Even over the one I made myself. The colors all pair nicely together and makes for a great summertime, bronzey, eye look. But let’s be real…I use this year round.

After that it’s kind of a blur…it felt like every time I went to the MAC Website, I was ordering another Palette that I most certainly didn’t need.  I added the Cool Neutrals Palette (beautiful for smokey looks as well as cool, neutral everyday looks) Mellow Moderns Palette (previously a Nordstrom Exclusive), Dusky Rose x 9 (Previously the MAC-nificent Me palette) and a custom quad (Nylon, Patina, Charcoal Brown, Deep Damson).

There are very few shadows that have truly disappointed me within my MAC collection and even then, I will find a way to use them that I enjoy. I really don’t know what triggered it. I’m not mad at it though…but maybe my wallet is…

What are your favorite MAC shadows?


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