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I’m not sure if you guys have noticed (#sarcasm) but…Too Faced has been on a freakin roll lately! Two brand new palettes, traditional matte lipsticks, liquid lipsticks, bronzer, blush! I can barely keep up! Of course I had to grab a few (read: all) of these to test out.

Too Faced is one of my favorite brands and has been for a while. They do palettes really well and their La Creme lipsticks are some of my favorites. So let’s see…where to start? Let’s kick things off with the two brand new palettes: Sweet Peach and Peanut Butter and Jelly.

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The Peanut Butter and Jelly Palette was the first to release. It’s one of the smaller 9 pan palettes and leans very warm toned with a pop of purple. When I first saw this I thought it was kind of one note; very warm orangey browns. But after seeing swatches and tutorials (and because I’m such a hoarder) I picked it up and am very glad I did! First, the packaging is adorable. Too Faced usually knocks it out of the park with their packaging. Second, the quality is great and on par with the rest of their palettes. Third, it smells divine. Fourth, while it is very warm toned and very brown/bronze, I still feel like it’s unique and well rounded. The pigmentation of the shadows means that you can really pack it on for full effect or use a lighter hand for a day to day look. I’m really enjoying it and I even like that bright ass purple!

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The Sweet Peach Palette has been hyped up so. HARD! While I definitely didn’t need another palette, I totally fell for the hype. I mean… just look at how frickin cute that is? Once again, the packaging…amazing. Smells like peaches (a bit too sweet for me but the scent doesn’t linger) and I really like the color selection. Some people are confused as to why they wouldn’t keep the format of the previous chocolate bar palettes with the two larger highlight shades and I have to agree. I think that is such a nice feature of their larger palettes. Some reviews have also been confused about the lack of peachy colors but I disagree. One of the reasons that I haven’t purchased the Naked 3 palette is because it was all one note for me; just not enough color variation. But I like that this has the peachy tones as well as some complimentary and contrasting colors. Again, the quality is great with only a few of the shades being too patchy for my taste. This is currently sold out but if you’re a collector, I’d snatch this one up.

The Sweethearts Bronzer in Sweet Tea is one release that I was on the fence about. I normally stick to matte bronzers since they double up as a subtle contour for day to day. But I decided to give this one a go and I’m pretty pleased with it. It gives a really gorgeous glow to the skin without being too over the top or glittery. The packaging is really pretty and nice to display but it is a bit bulky for my taste. Overall a win for me.

Last but not least the lip products. The La Matte lipsticks were a bit of an overshadowed release to all of their other products but I wanted to pick one up (a deep rose pink shade called ‘Hey Gurrl’) to check out the formula. These are a nice creamy texture that dry down to a nice soft matte. They aren’t transfer proof and while they are a bit drying, they’re better than most liquid lipsticks out there.

But the Melted Matte Liquid Lipsticks….These are amazing! By far one of my absolute favorite formulas. I already loved the regular Melted Lipstick formula and the matte formula did not disappoint.They are very comfortable on the lips and I didn’t find them to be as dry as some other formulas. Some of the shades highlight lip lines a bit more than others (for example, ‘Sell Out’ did not settle into my lines but ‘Queen B’ did). Overall this is a great formula and I can definitely see myself wearing these a ton!

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Bottom to top: Child Star, Sell Out, Queen B, Bend & Snap, Lady Balls (all Melted Matte), Hey Gurrl (La Matte)

Have you guys tried any of the new Too Faced products? Which are your favorite?


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