Tartelette Pro and Pro Glow Palette


It’s so hard to resist the pull of a new palette and lipstick. So when tarte released both a new eyeshadow palette, a range of liquid lipsticks and a highlight and contour palette, I just…I had to. Ya know? I had to.

Let’s start with the liquid lipstick. Tarte had already released their matte lip paints. These had more of a moussey texture and didn’t fully dry down. The new lip paint has a completely new, super matte formula in a range of nude and brown shades with a few reds and burgundy colors. I picked up the shade Rosé. These certainly dry down very quickly and the swatch on my hand was quite hard to get off in one swipe with micellar water. The color is really pretty and it was pretty comfortable to wear. I will say it didn’t last too well through my food. I ate cereal once I got to work and the inner rim was totally crumbly. I didn’t reapply (forgot to bring it with me. D’oh!). Overall I think they’re really comfortable but it seems that you’ll need to reapply after eating.


Next is the Tarteist Pro Glow Palette. This has 4 powder highlights, 1 cream contour and 1 powder contour. This palette feels very luxurious and has a nice weight to it. I like that it opens in the middle with 2 mirrors on either side. I wish they had some sort of flap or cover for the cream product but I’ve just been keeping the thin plastic insert. I really like these. The glow is intense and the powder contour is really nice for my skin tone. I haven’t tried the cream contour yet, but honestly I’ve never cream contoured so it makes me a little nervous.  But the texture on all of the products feels really nice and soft. This one is a winner for me.

Last, but certainly not least, The Tarteist Pro Amazonian Clay Palette. This is really REALLY nice. The texture of the mattes is buttery and smooth. They blend really well. The 4 shimmers are also gorgeous. Highly pigmented, slight duo chrome and a nice selection of colors. I think the 4 shimmers are a great match for the mostly matte palette. I think this is one of tarte’s best palette’s to date. I’m really impressed.

You can see from the swatches, these are really pigmented and smooth. So pretty!

What do you think of this newest release? Do you think you’ll be picking any of these up?


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