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When I saw this tag on Bailey B’s channel. I knew I had to jump on the train. I can’t resist a Palette related Tag and I thought this was a really good one. This was created by Kaily Baute so kudos to Kaily! So let’s do this!

Best Palette for Beginners

I chose Clinique’s All About Eyes Neutral Territory II Palette. I think this is great for beginners because while the shadows have a lovely texture, they’re not too pigmented. They’re beautiful and buildable; so while you learn some more techniques, this isn’t going to go on to the eye too strong. It’s also very neutral in tone and isn’t too shimmery or too matte.

Best Drugstore Palette

I was so impressed with these palettes from Cover Girl. Especially the Nudes version. Again this is a neutral/cool leaning palette that has a fantastic texture and is a great dupe for the Naked 2 Palette from Urban Decay.  They also have a Rose and a Golden version (clearly modeled after the Naked 3 and Original Naked Palettes). These are by far the best palettes from the drugstore.

Best Palette for Work/School

I think Bare Minerals has some of the most underrated eyeshadows at Sephora. Almost every single one I’ve tried is really great quality. The Bare Neutrals Palette is great for work or school. It has both matte and shimmer shadows and is very neutral. It also doesn’t have any super dark shades which prevents your looks from getting too smokey for daytime. I find that this is also great to apply a quick look which is great for getting out the door on time in the morning.

Best Palette for a “Natural” way to Play with Color

I think the Modern Renaissance Palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills is a great way to start to play with color. It’s very warm and has some very vibrant reds and pinks and oranges. These colors can be tricky to work with but I think it’s a great way to start playing with color since the quality of this palette  is outstanding. Warm reds and oranges like this are also very on trend for fall and winter.

Biggest Bang for Your Buck

For best bang for your buck, I chose the pre-made palettes from MAC. These were recently lowered in price from $85 to $65. Here, I’ve shown the Warm Neutrals Palette. I think these are an amazing value and there are some great options available (MAC usually releases a collection with Nordstrom for the annual sale). It’s much less than putting together a custom palette (over $90). Yes, you can’t curate your own shades but if you like warm they have the warm palette, they have a cool palette if that’s more your jam. Especially if you love neutrals, these are great.

Best Palette for Fair/Light Skin Tones

This question and the next were meant for whoever is answering the questions to insert their own skin tone and eye color. Which I think is a great way to get a variety of answers from anyone who’s tagged to do this. I think Stila did a great job with the Perfect Me, Perfect Hue collection. I have this in Light/Medium and these shades are really flattering for my skin tone. It’s great for day to day but also ideal for smoking out a look. I love the blushes as well. They have 4 of these palettes for fair/light, light/medium, medium tan and, tan/deep. These all create really lovely neutral looks and I’ve really been liking this.

Best Palette for Blue Eyes


For Blue Eyes, I chose the Juvia’s Place Nubian Eyeshadow Palette. These have been getting a lot of positive attention and for good reason.  These are some of the most foiled and pigmented eyeshadows I own. Orange is opposite on the color wheel from Blue so warm rusty coppers and bronzes are perfect for accentuating blue eyes. This palette is perfect for that.

Best All in One Palette

So, I feel really bad since this palette is no longer available and hard to find ( it’s still here on Amazon) but literally, this has everything. Mulitple blush options, a good range of not too neutral eyeshadows, and both a neutral lip and cheek duo and a bold red lip option. Great for on the go. If I had to recommend another one, it would be the Shaaanxo Eye and Lip Palette from BH Cosmetics. Another great one with a ton of options.

Best for Travel

The Lorac Pro To Go has been my go to travel palette since I got it. Great neutral shades in both matte and shimmer shades as well as 2 blushes, a bronzer and, 2 small brushes all in a great compact palette. I love this. You can see the dips in all the shadows. This has gotten some serious love from me. I’m heading to Florida this weekend and you can bet this is coming with me.

Palette you DO NOT Recommend

This was the hardest question for me. Any palettes that I haven’t like, I have already given away to friends who may like them better. Also, most of those were limited edition or just no longer available so I didn’t want to talk about something you can’t get anyway. For this I chose the Morphe 35T. Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate this palette. I actually really like the formula and textures. The reason that I wouldn’t recommend this is because it’s not varied enough for me. The light shades aren’t quite light enough for my taste and there isn’t a super dark liner shade. For the most part the shadows are pretty similar. But it is a really nice quality palette so if you’re into these tones then this might be perfect for you. For me it feels like a lot of the same.

I tag all of you to do this tag! It was a lot of fun and quite a challenge.



4 thoughts on “Palette Recommendation Tag

  1. Hi Emily! Thanks so much for doing my tag! I loved your answers. I agree that shadows with less pigmentation are best for beginners and you’re so right about the Modern Renaissance being a great way to play with color. After seeing your answers I feel like I need to try some Bare Minerals shadows! Hopefully there will be some good deals out there for Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday!


    1. Thanks so much for creating it Kaily (and for stopping by to check this out)! I loved doing this one. And yes, look for some Bare Minerals deals! They really are gorgeous shadows. If there aren’t any deals I’d recommend starting with one of their quads (“The Truth” is my favorite!). Thanks again!


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