Too Faced Funfetti Set


So, everyone knows Funfetti is the best kind of cake, right? Right. So when Too Faced announced they were releasing a Funfetti Collection, I knew that I had to grab it. So much for that “No Buy” I was talking about.

fullsizerender-52The packaging is super cute. The set came in a foam padded box with the adorable Funfetti heart print. It comes with an eyeshadow palette, Love Flush Blush, Better Than Sex Mascara, Mocha Freeze Lip Gloss and a mini brush. I got the set early at a reduced price for $55 but it is still available for $68 on the HSN website (the set is exclusive to HSN). The set has a value of $122 which I think is pretty great. My only nit picky thing packaging wise is that I wish the cover of the palette matched the outside of the box. I think it looks a bit cleaner and more sleek and simple. I suppose the mirror inside could be a bit bigger but that’s really trying to nit pick.

I already know I LOVE the Better Than Sex Mascara and the brush is nice and soft. I think it’ll be great for powder touch ups. It’s a bit too dense for me to use with blush. The blush is gorgeous. I love the embossing (which matches the rest of the blush collection) and the mosaic swirl of colors not only looks super cool, but also creates a beautiful warm pink with a bit of a sheen. It’s a very pretty color. The gloss is also a great pink/brown nude and doesn’t feel too sticky, which I appreciate in a gloss.

When sneek peeks came out there seemed to be some mixed reactions. Some thought it was a very pretty collection of neutrals while others thought that “Funfetti” suggested some brighter colors. Since I lean towards the neutral side in terms of preference, I love this. It’s a beautiful collection of (mostly) cool toned shadows that I think is really well rounded in shade selection. Great lid shades, highlight shades, deep tones for definition, crease shades; this palette has it all. I understand the disappointment but it seems like the team at Too Faced wanted this collection to be pretty and girly and have “Funfetti” be a representation of that. If I’m right, and that’s what they were going for, they hit it out of the park. I really like this collection so far and can’t wait to start playing around with it more.

Also, is it just me or does anyone else have a craving for Funfetti Cupcakes?


2 thoughts on “Too Faced Funfetti Set

  1. This one looks and sounds so great! Especially that blush and I agree on the mascara. I passed on it though because I just picked up the Merry Macaron palette and the two are quite similar. What a shame that didn’t keep the same packaging on the palette though! The funfetti on the box is sooo cute!


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