One Month, One Palette Update and December Pick

Well guys, we’ve come to the end of my first “One Month, One Palette” challenge and i have to say I’m kinda glad to be done with this one. At the start of November I mentioned that I was a little worried about using such a cool toned palette when I normally like using warmer tones in the Fall and Winter. While I got some really lovely looks from this palette, it’s not my favorite. The colors are very pretty and I LOVE Too Faced as a brand. But for me, the shadows were a bit too sheer and didn’t have as much impact as I would have liked. Being that it’s called the Boudoir Eyes Palette, that implies soft, sexy, smoky looks and for that, this palette is perfect. But for me it’s a bit one note like I said, I tend to prefer warm tones. You can see below that I did hit pan on the transition shade “Fuzzy Handcuffs” and made some pretty good dips in the shadows. I think this palette has run it’s course for me and I’ll be passing this one along to a friend.


From my little ‘Palette Raffle Bag’ I chose the Juvia’s Place Nubian Palette. Talk about going to the complete opposite end of the spectrum. This is one of the warmest toned palettes I own! I already know I love this one so I can’t wait to get some good use out of it this month.


I’ve got to say, I appreciate this challenge as (so far) it’s allowing me to really spend some quality time with my palettes and see what I truly love, and what I can live without. Maybe I should do this with more products? Should I add my face palettes into the mix? I imagine by the end I’ll have a much more streamlined collection.


2 thoughts on “One Month, One Palette Update and December Pick

  1. I picked up the Juvia’s place palette recently too and can’t wait to use it 😀 I think the TF palette is pretty, but there aren’t enough mattes for me. I’d love to see a large palette from them that is like this on one side and like the Natural Eyes on the other but with more mattes!

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