Zoeva Caramel Melange and Blanc Fusion Palettes


Zoeva is one of those brands that I wish was a bit more accessible in the US. They make absolutely beautiful products and I recently added two new palettes to my collection on Black Friday.

Top: Blanc Fusion Bottom: Caramel Melange

Zoeva recently added two more palettes to their chocolate themed range. This included the Cocoa Blend Palette and while they do not smell like chocolate, it’s a beautiful palette and the 2 new ones do not disappoint.

The Blanc Fusion Palette is the most neutral of the set with the exception of a true yellow gold. And holy crap does that shade pack a punch. The layout of this palette is similar to the Lorac Pro palettes with one row of shimmer shadows and one row of mattes. The textures are really nice and smooth. The mattes can be a bit dryer in texture but that’s me being really picky. The yellow gold, while beautiful, is probably the shade I’ll use the least in this palette but I do appreciate that they added a pop of color to what would otherwise be another simple neutral palette. It adds a little something extra.

But for me, the Caramel Melange Palette is the star of the show. This is a warm eyeshadow lovers DREAM. The textures on all the shadows are beautiful, they’ve added some seriously gorgeous metallics and it has the perfect range of shadows to create a subtle look or something that is all out smoky. Amazing. I’m so excited to have this in my collection and for me, it trumps the Cocoa Blend.

Zoeva also offers these palettes plus the Cocoa Blend in a set of three (and in a super cute box) for $72 ($79.50 if you bought all three separately).

I’m very impressed with these palettes and am happy I snapped them up. What are your Zoeva favorites?


2 thoughts on “Zoeva Caramel Melange and Blanc Fusion Palettes

  1. They sound and look so nice! I also wish they were easier to get in the US, but $72 for 3 is not bad at all. I agree with you on the Caramel Melange drawing my attention a bit more. It reminds me a bit of the Modern Renaissance palette actually! That orange and the shimmery gold look particularly beautiful 😀

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