Project Pan Update!


At the end of October, I chose 15 products to try and hit pan on or completely use up by the end of the year. I found this to be very challenging. While I did use up a lot of products, many of them didn’t come from my initial list. I had so many lip products and powders and balms at my desk and in my bag, it was hard to stick to just one. I also ended up adding things and decluttering others. But I’m happy with my progress and I’m excited to keep it going in the new year. Here’s how I did!

Products Finished (Italic Items are things I would Re-Purchase and Loved!)

Products I will continue to work on:

Products I did not finish, but will be keeping:

Products I decluttered:

  • Kat Von D Blush in Piaf and Poe
  • Lunatick Labs Cosmetics Primer

Please let me know if you want any details on why I loved a product listed or why I didn’t. I think this post would be endless if I went into a ton of detail but I’d be happy to let you know what I thought. How did you guys do on finishing products? Do you have another project pan in mind for the new year?


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