Too Faced Sweet Peach Collection


I cannot believe how difficult it was to get these products! When Too Faced releases a collection like this, the world goes CRAZY! And I was one of the crazy ones. I knew I had to round out my peach collection (see post on the eyeshadow palette here)so I went to both Sephora online and Too Faced’s website. From Sephora I ordered the ‘Papa Don’t Peach Blush’. It arrived super fast (thanks Flash Shipping!). From Too Faced I got the LipGloss and the Highlight Palette and it took FOREVER. Apparently they had a glitch which made sending and fulfilling the orders in time for the holidays next to impossible. I also saw on social media that they were making promises that they just couldn’t keep. Which, I don’t think is terribly great for your brand. I’d never had issues with Too Faced Shipping but this was crazy.

Okay. Now onto the actual products. First, the Papa Don’t Peach Blush.


This is gorgeous! First, all of the products smell like peaches. The color is very shimmery, but not glittery. It’s a beautiful warm peachy pink that blends out beautifully on the skin and has a lovely soft texture. I will say that this does seem to emphasize texture/ pores on me which is common with shimmery blushes. But I’m okay with it because it’s so pretty. Plus, the packaging is adorable!


The Sweet Peach Creamy Peach Oil Lip Gloss in ‘Papa Don’t Peach’ was the only color that appealed to me out of the glosses. I don’t think that anything super orangey peachy is flattering on me and this was the most neutral of the bunch. The texture is exactly as the name suggests, a creamy oil. It’s very smooth and not at all sticky which I love in a gloss. I think I’ll actually get a lot of use out of this shade.


The Sweet Peach Glow Highlighting Palette is lovely. It’s sheer but buildable and the colors suit my skin tone well. However, if you have a deeper skin tone than me, these shades may not work as well for you (especially the bronzer). They should have released a version catered to Medium/Deep skin tones as well. I think this will be perfect for summer. But I do really like this and the packaging, as usual, is super cute.

Below is a comparison of the blush in the palette and the single blush. As you can see they are quite different, but you don’t necessarily need both.

Left: Blush from Highlight Palette Right: Papa Don’t Peach Blush

Here’s a look wearing everything Peach Collection:

Did you guys get anything from the Sweet Peach Collection? What was your experience?



6 thoughts on “Too Faced Sweet Peach Collection

  1. I did not get anything from this colellection because i am in a no buy mode for now. But the collection is really beautiful and special.


  2. You just reminded me that I placed an order 12 days ago and they haven’t shipped it yet 😦 Thanks! I just emailed them, haha. That gloss is a lot more opaque than I thought it would be with the whole “oil” thing in the name. I’m not a huge fan of peaches on me, but we have a similar skintone so now I really want the glow palette too. So I got a reminder from you AND something to add to my wishlist 😛

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