Coloured Raine – Queen of Hearts Palette

If you follow a lot of beauty instagrams or blogs or YouTube channels, then you have FO SHO heard about the Coloured Rain ‘Queen of Hearts’ eyeshadow palette. Some of my fave YouTubers have been raving about this palette so I just had to give it a go. What can I say? I have no self control when it comes to eyeshadow palettes.

The outer packaging for this is BEAUTIFUL. This is one of those times when I’m definitely holding on to the outer sleeve instead of just tossing it. It’s just too beautiful and I wish they would have given this design to the actual palette. But without the sleeve it’s a chic, slim cardboard package with a Nars-like matte finish. The interior is reflective gold and it contains 12 shadows and a nice sized mirror.

These shadows are so beautiful. They are very smooth and Oh. My. God. The shimmers. They are foiled and pigmented and beautiful and I can’t handle it. When I was playing with this palette and trying to create a look, I was going HAM with these (all while wearing sweatpants, because I do what I want). The only shadow that I found difficult to work with was the matte purple called ‘Ladyship’ (I LOVE the names as well). It was a bit tricky to blend. BUT I still like the shade, but probably wouldn’t use it as heavily as I had been. There’s a reason that I don’t have pictures of this look…I did not do my best work. But with that one exception, this palette is just stunning.


Overall, this is a win. Get it. You need it.

(I’m also curious about the Coloured Raine liquid lipsticks. Have you guys tried them?)


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