Resolution VoxBox from Influenster


I had been hearing about Influenster for a while now via social media and some YouTubers that I follow. I was curious about it and seems like a good way to try new products. If you aren’t familiar, Influenster is a community where, based on your social media activity level, you can be sent products for review in a VoxBox. The products are complimentary as long as you follow the law and disclose that you’ve been sent the products (really, it’s the law to disclose when you’re receiving products for free). I appreciate that they make a big deal about disclosing this information no matter what the products are. It’s only fair. But I can promise to only give my honest feedback on everything I receive. So to be clear, the products were sent to me for free for review but all opinions are my own. Scouts honor!

This month was the “Resolution” Vox Box. And based on the contents it seems like these are all very health conscious products meant to give you a fresh start to the year. Here’s what we got:

Febreeze One Fabric and Air Mist in Bamboo: I haven’t actually owned a bottle of Febreeze since college so this was a welcome surprise. This smells super nice and fresh. I’m not a fan of room scents that are too fruity or flowery so this is perfect. It also has a very fine mist so it’s not going to make your fabrics too wet. This is perfect for furniture that can’t really be washed and nice as a refresher if your space is a little stuffy. Happy to have this.

DenTek Orabrush Tongue Scraper: I have never had one of these things before. Is that gross? I just never thought about it. You use this after you brush your teeth and it’s supposed to help with bad breath. I am always nervous that my breath is bad (my boyfriend assures me it usually isn’t) but I’m glad to have this to give me some piece of mind. If you’ve never used one, it does tickle a little but doesn’t hurt. The little spikes are actually quite soft as well. I’ll be sure to let you know if I notice a difference.

Crispy Green Crispy Fruit Apples: These are essentially dehydrated fruit chips. They’re not too sweet which I appreciate and they don’t have any additives. I’m always looking for healthy snacks and these seem like a great option. I’m looking forward to trying the other flavors available.

PopChips Ridges in Sour Cream & Cheddar: I have tried PopChips before and I really enjoy them. I like the texture a lot. You can tell they’re baked because they aren’t as heavy and greasy as other potato chips. I loved this flavor too. I mean, I’m from Wisconsin so I’ll eat pretty much anything with Cheese in it. Full Disclosure: I ate these and the Crispy Fruit Chips as soon as I was done taking the pictures….I have no self control.

Burt’s Bees Organic Protein Shake in Vanilla Bean: Honestly, I’ve never made a protein shake for myself. I like smoothies and juices but I’ve never made one for myself at home. So I’m actually really excited to try this. I’ve been working out a lot more, mostly after work and it’ll be great to have this to try. Flavor is the most important but I also appreciate that it’s organic and in a simple vanilla flavor. You can use this by itself with cold water or Almond milk (or whichever dairy/nut milk you prefer) or mix it in with your smoothie. I might try and stretch the packet and make it both ways to see which I prefer. If you have any yummy smoothie recipes, please send them my way! I’ll let you know how I fare with this one.

Orgain Protein Bar in Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk: Another thing that I’m looking forward to having for a post workout snack. I haven’t tried this yet but I’m definitely happy to have it. And plus, who doesn’t LOVE Peanut Butter and Chocolate together?! Again, I also appreciate that this is organic and plant based. Again, I’ll post on Instagram how I did with this and the Protein Powder.

Also included in the box are coupons for all of the products included! So if you like it, you can go out and buy it with a little discount. We also got a coupon for Sabra Guacamole to go packs which is super cool as well.

Are any of you on Influenster? I’d love to know any tips and tricks to getting the most out of it.


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