Meet Matt(e) Ador Palette

I’m a big fan of the Balm as a brand. But I feel like the eyeshadow palettes can be very hit or miss. I’m a fan of all the Balm Palettes in my collection so when I saw that they released another Matte Palette I knew I had to grab it.

The Meet Matt(e) Ador palette has 9 eyshadows that lean mostly cool toned and has mostly neutral shadows with a dark green (Matt Soto) and a deep blue (Matt Borski).  I loved the idea of a deep blue and having a bunch of matte neutral transition and crease shades is always a plus. Unfortunately, this didn’t work for me. The shadows are very patchy and chalky and I had to build up the below swatches a lot to see an accurate color. The texture doesn’t feel like the previous Meet Matt(e) Trimony palette. Those were so smooth and pigmented. These have a lot of kickback and just don’t have the pigmentation that I expected them to have. The green looks like a dark grey and the Black isn’t at all like the black in the Meet Matt(e) Trimony palette. It’s more of a charcoal gray as well. The blue has a lot of pigment but it’s so dusty and stains the skin.


Overall, I’m pretty disappointed in this palette. I’m going to try and keep playing around with it so see if I can make it work, but I can’t see this staying in my collection for too long. Note to self: do more research before you jump on a product!

Below is a comparison of all three “Meet Matt(e)” Palettes.

Top: Meet Matt(e) Nude, Bottom: Left-Meet Matt(e) Trimony, Right – Meet Matt(e) Ador

One thought on “Meet Matt(e) Ador Palette

  1. Catching up on blog posts……. I”m wayyyyyyyyyy late…. but I’m bummed for you that you didn’t like this one. I had the EXACT same experience and I was so upset that they changed the formula from the last one (and made it worse) that I haven’t touched this palette since. Although I have to admit that the blue is pretty… if you are verryyyyyyyyyyyyyy careful with it!

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