New Additions to the Benefit Boxed Blush Family!


I love the Boxed Blushes from Benefit. I mean, Benefit usually kills it with their packaging. While these are a little bulky and take up space, they’re just so cute. Recently Benefit released 2 new products: Dandelion Twinkle, a pale nude-pink highlight (a cousin to the Dandelion Matte Blush) and Hoola Lite, a bronzer for fairer skin tones and sister to the cult classic Hoola. They also had a flash sale at Ulta where all boxed blushes were 20% off so I added 2 shades that I’ve always wanted to try: Sugarbomb and Hervana.

L to R: Sugarbomb, Hervana, Hoola Lite, Dandelion Twinkle

Let’s start with the 2 new launches. Dandelion Twinkle is a beautiful highlight. At first the texture felt quite dry but it’s very smooth and blends out really nicely. It’s more on the subtle side so this will be great for those of you that like a more everyday friendly highlight. I love the tone and color of this highlight!

Hoola Lite is admittedly a bit too light for my skin tone (I really built up the swatch here). I think it could work as a very subtle contour or even an all over powder when I have more of a tan in the summer. The texture is the same as the original Hoola Bronzer so it’s nice and smooth; not at all patchy.  I do appreciate that they’ve taken other skin tones into consideration. Now they just need to release a shade deeper than Hoola to make a really well rounded collection.

Sugarbomb is going to be so perfect for the summer. It has a really beautiful glowy quality to it without being overly shimmery. I love the coral color you get from swirling it all together. For me, this is what I wanted Coralista to look like on me. Coralista is lovely and I do like it, but I like this tone much better.

Hervana is going to be so pretty in the Spring. I don’t have many blushes in this light pink, orchid tone and I think it’s so pretty. The swatch above is pretty heavy but this blends out so nicely into the perfect bright flush. It’s very flattering.

Top L to R: Hoola Lite, Sugarbomb. Bottom L to R: Dandelion Twinkle, Hervana.

I’m happy to have all of these added to my collection and while I know I don’t need any more blushes, I cannot wait to get my hands on Galifornia! It looks so pretty and right up my alley!


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