One Month, One CHEEK Palette!

Since starting my One Month, One Palette series, I realized how much I’ve been neglecting my cheek palettes. Blush and Face Palettes are another weakness of mine. They’re just so pretty! So I decided to do a One Month, One Cheek Palette in addition to my eyeshadow challenge. I put the names of all my face palettes (including blush palettes, contour palettes, blush/bronzer duos, highlight palettes, etc) into a bag and will choose one each month to use exclusively.

First up, I chose the Too Faced Soul Mates Blush/Bronzer duo in the shade ‘Ross & Rachel’. I got this on Hautelook on sale but they are still available on the Too Faced website (also on sale!). I think I’ve only used this once which is such a shame. The bronzer is a really nice shade but might be a bit too dark for me at the moment. I think I can work with it though. My one issue with this is that the blush is so small! You really need to use a smaller blush brush to make sure you’re getting exclusively that color. I suppose you could swirl them together to create a new shade which I’ll definitely try out.


I hope you guys enjoy this addition to my One Month, One Palette series! I challenge all of you to try it as well!


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