Colour Pop Waffle Highlight Trio


I haven’t had much luck with the Colour Pop cheek products. I found both the blushes and the bronzers (discontinued) fairly difficult to work with and they dried out quite quickly for me. The highlights however, are incredible. I’ve only had one (in the shade Wisp) and it’s super creamy and pigmented. So when I saw they were releasing new shades in Trios I had to pick one up. I chose Waffle since it’s targeted to Fair/Light skin tones. But I love that they also released Cannoli and Shortcake for Medium and Deep skin tones, respectively. They also released them as singles since I believe each set includes 2 new shades and one pre-existing shade.


The Waffle set includes the shades (From Left to Right) Scrumptious (a silvery pink), Glazed (soft Ivory Gold) and Flexitarian (intense white champagne). These are all beautiful colors and perfect for my skin tone. The first two are on the more subtle side but still creamy and pigmented. Flexitarian (the pre-existing shade) is SUPER bright and intense. It’ll definitely give you an intense wet look highlight.

I definitely recommend these sets. I think they offer a great variety and I love the formula of the highlighters from Colour Pop.


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