One Month, One Palette March 2.0

De-Clutter Palettes

It’s only been 10 days since I started my One Month, One Palette for March (with 2 small palettes TBH) and only a few days since I started my One Month, One Cheek Palette and I’m moving on and de-cluttering ALL THREE from my collection. I know I haven’t given it a month yet. However, I feel like sometimes you just need to listen to your gut and cut your losses. While these palettes are lovely I’m just not excited about them. I keep thinking, “how many days until April 1st?” and I want to be excited about everything in my collection.

Here’s why I’m de-cluttering:

Tarte Tartelette Tease Palette

For me, this just isn’t cohesive or versatile enough to stand alone. I know it’s small and meant to be able to create a specific look but for me, I wish it had a lighter brown or mauve to use as a transition. It’s great for creating something a bit more smokey but I can’t do a smokey eye every day and I find I’m always doing one of 2 looks. To contrast, I think the Lorac Pro To Go is one of the best small palettes. There’s a limited selection but I feel like I can do so much with it. The mattes are nice and it’s smells really yummy (vanilla?) but the shimmers had a TON of fallout for me. This one will sadly be leaving it’s home in my makeup storage.

YSL Rock Resille Palette

This isn’t available anymore but I found it on EBay (linked above). For me these are too sheer and again, I keep doing the same look. I need to borrow from other palettes for a transition shade, the crease being gray is pretty but not practical for every day for me. I wish the peachy shimmers had a bit more impact as well. Even when I wet my brush they don’t have as much oompf. If I’m reaching for peach shades, I’ll just go to my Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette since it’s much more versatile and I like the quality a lot better. Maybe I’m just not experimental enough with my looks to appreciate the gray and peach together but for me it just didn’t work. And it was so expensive too!! I’d love to hear recommendations of YSL palettes that you love. Maybe it was just this one that I don’t like?

Too Faces Soulmates Bronzer Blush Duo in Ross and Rachel

These have also sold out on Too Faced’s site and are now discontinued (although I think I saw them on Amazon?) Simply put I like the Cocoa Bronzers MUCH better than this. I also think the blush is pointless unless it’s a little bigger. It’s so hard to fit a brush in that shade exclusively and I found that it looked muddy to mix them. I also don’t particularly like this shade of blush on my skin tone. It was a bit too bright for me.


In it’s place I’ve chosen the Anastasia Beverly Hills Master Palette by Mario and the Wet N Wild Contouring Palette in Caramel Toffee.

I am so excited to use the Master Palette by Mario! I’m so sorry that this is no longer available because it really is a beautiful palette and I’m sad that I’ve neglected it for so long. Even though it’s so well suited to fall and winter, I think I can make it work for the rest of March leading into spring. Plus, it stays winter in NYC until at least mid-April.

The contour palette I’m nervous excited about. It swatches pretty dark. I think if I’m careful I can make this work as a bronzer since it’s so warm. I’m also hoping the banana setting powder isn’t too yellow for my skin tone. I’ve heard these be compared to the Marc Jacobs #InstaMarc Light Filtering Contour Powders. They do feel very smooth and silky and I’m excited to try it out!

What do you think of a mid-month de-clutter and re-selection? It feels good to move things out of my collection that I just know in my gut I’m not going to use.

Also, for anyone wondering, when I de-clutter products, anything expired goes in the trash, I offer the rest to friends and family and whatever is left over I plan on donating to a women’s shelter.


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