Boxycharm March 2017 

I gotta say, Boxycharm has just been killing it with their boxes! Since I’ve been a subscriber, I really haven’t been disappointed with a box. Maybe a product or 2 here and there, but overall everything has been such a welcome addition to my collection.

Here’s what showed up this month:

Crown Brush – Delux Fan Brush – $18.99

At first I was a little bummed to see yet another fan brush. Even though I love getting brushes in subscription boxes, I had just received one from Boxycharm. But this brush is really cool. It’s much bigger and fluffier and I find it really helps when applying  highlight, bronzer, contour and blush. It’s really an all in one. And it’s SO soft.

Smashbox – Photo Finish Primer – $16

This is the first item I’ve gotten in a box that isn’t full size. Since this isn’t my favorite primer, I don’t really mind that. And I will say it’s a generous size for someone who hasn’t tried it yet or for traveling. I’m happy to have it as a back up.

Naked Cosmetics – Urban Rustic Palette – $39.99

This is a gorgeous trio! I love the shades and the texture is really soft. They’re super pigmented as well. I’m impressed. $39.99 is pretty expensive for a trio but I appreciate that they included a brand that isn’t that well known (at least to me). The colors seem more appropriate for fall and winter, but I’m excited to play with this more.

Real Her Cosmetics – Matte Liquid Lipstick – ‘I Deserve the Best’ – $15.00

Gotta love a new Liquid Lip to try. I love the color of this. It’s a really pretty soft mauve pink. I also love the names of these lipsticks. It’s like a positive mantra every time you apply it! I will say, this felt fairly tacky on my lips and didn’t totally dry down. That will make it a bit more comfortable to wear but it also won’t last as long. Overall I like it so far, but I definitely need to try it more.

Real Her Cosmetics- Lip Liner – ‘I am Loved’ – $12.50

This is another very pretty color with a great name. It’s very creamy and smooth to apply and I don’t really have any lip liners in this particular shade. However, they sent me a color that was drastically different from the liquid lipstick. Not sure why that happened but it makes more sense to have a matching lip liner to the lipstick that was included right? Especially when it’s from the same brand. It’s still a nice lip liner, I just would have preferred that it match the liquid lipstick.

Total Value: $102.48

Overall this is another great box this month. Still happy to be on the Boxycharm bandwagon!








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