April 2017 One Month One Palette and March Update

March 2017 One Month One Palette Challenge Finale

This month I had the pleasure of using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Master Palette by Mario and the Wet N Wild Contouring Palette in Caramel Toffee.

Let’s start with the ABH Palette. I love this. Like, really love it. I’m sad to have to put it away for the next month. The shadows are smooth and blendable. Very pigmented with minimal fallout. I love that there’s plenty of matte shades and that all the colors go together in some way. While I normally went for a neutral look using Lula, Violeta and Paris, one of my favorite looks to do was putting Marina (the most gorgeous highlight shade!) all over the lid with the blue Claudia shade on the outer corners. This is a blue eyeshadow that has made me really appreciate blue eyeshadow.

The Wet N Wild Palette is also really nice. VERY pigmented and blendable but, it has SO MUCH kickback. While the powder is smooth, it’s very dusty and I feel like a lot of product goes to waste every time I put my brush in it. The bronzer/ contour shade is a bit too dark for me right now. I’ve been using it with a large duo fiber brush to help sheer it out but I suspect it will look far better in the summer with a tan. I’m going to hold on to this one since the product is pretty nice, especially for the drugstore.

April 2017 “One Month, One Palette” Picks

April 2017 One Month One Palette Challenge

I’m pretty pumped for my picks for April. The first palette I chose out of my little bag of tricks was the Bare Minerals Quad in “The Happy Place”. This quad is so pretty but I never use it since it’s a sort of unusual assortment of shades for a quad. Bare Minerals has some of my favorite eyeshadows though, so I’m excited to play with this more. I will admit that I’m a bit hesitant with this one. I’m not super excited for this quad as a whole. I tried to find a link to this but it looks like Bare Minerals has discontinued their quads! Such a shame since “The Truth” quad is one of my favorites.

I made the decision a few months ago that I would choose 2 palettes when the one I chose was either a smaller palette or called for something supplemental. Since the quad is small and fairly limiting, I pulled names out of my bag until I came to another smaller palette. I knew if I paired it with a larger palette the quad would get ignored. I ended up choosing the Ciaté x Olivia Palermo “Smokey Suedes” Palette. I’m so sorry guys, I didn’t realize that BOTH of these palettes are no longer available. That being said, I really like this palette. I love the color selection and the shadows are so so soft. I highly recommend giving the Ciaté shadows a swatch if you can. I think these palettes will be a nice compliment to each other.

For my face Palette this month, I chose the Lunatick Labs Cosmetics Contour Book. Guys. This is expensive. But it’s awesome! There are so many shades included many of which are very cool toned (like, straight up gray) which you rarely see in a contour palette. The warm shades can work as contour or bronzer and all of them can work as eyeshadow. I love the blush shades as well. They’re all matte and there’s a nice variety. I’m really excited to use this more since, it’s been a bit neglected in my collection as of late. Plus, it looks like Book from Hocus Pocus.



4 thoughts on “April 2017 One Month One Palette and March Update

    1. Thank you! I really love the Lunatick brand. The eyeshadows are awesome too (eventually you’ll see them in this series)! Plus, the packaging is so much fun!


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