Cheek Trios: Becca vs Tarte

Becca and Tarte Cheek PalettesGuys…I can’t resist a cheek palette. I just can’t. I recently saw a couple new releases from Becca and Tarte and they looked quite similar. So obviously I got them both to review for you guys.

Becca and Tarte Cheek Palettes Open

Becca Sunchaser Palette – $34.00

This new release from Becca includes a luminous bronzer (Ipanema Sunset), peachy pink blush (Apricot Blossom) and highlight (Opal). I loved the colors of this palette. They’re so summery and go together really nicely. I thought that the bronzer would be a bit too dark for me but it works well if I use a light hand. The blush is like the mineral blushes and has a lovely soft texture and is very pigmented. And Opal is a classic from the Becca line. The packaging is so pretty and I love how the exterior ombre mirrors the colors inside. If you’re already a fan of the Becca powder products, you’ll love this one.

Becca Sunchaser Cheek Palette Swatches

Tarte Kind Is The New Pretty Collection – $29

This set is exclusive to Ulta and includes not only a cheek trio but a Double Duty BeautyLip Sculptor Lipstick and Gloss in Kind. So while you get less product in the palette (0.32oz compared to Becca’s 0.42), you do get another product and it’s in such a pretty neutral color. The shades in this are pretty similar to the Becca palette but, the bronzer is matte instead of shimmery (and slightly cooler toned) and obviously the highlight is much lighter. The blush here is also a bit more orange than the Becca. Overall the set will give you a similar look and the quality is really nice. Tarte has been doing really well with their powders and this is no exception for me. The packaging is really lovely as well. A bit more cute than the Becca but sturdy, compact and has a nice mirror. The lipstick duo is also really nice and I’m so pleased with the color.

If I had to pick one? I think I’d go with the Tarte set. Not only does it come with a lip product, but I also don’t really have too many pale white toned highlights. So this set introduces something new for me. But both are so pretty and the quality is great so it really boils down to personal preference.

Which one would you get?




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