Project Pan: 17 in 2017

Project Pan 2017

I’ve been loving the results from doing the “For the Love of Panning Challenge” so once I finish that, I’ve decided to take on a pretty ambitious challenge. I’m going to try and use up (or at least hit pan on) 17 products in 2017. I’ll start on May 1 and finish on December 31. While I know I won’t be able to finish all of the products, I think this will help me use some items in my collection that have been a bit neglected. I decided to do this “Roulette Style”. I found a list (can’t remember where, but if I can find it, I’ll link it) and numbered the categories. Then I put in a random number generator and chose 17 categories and paired products with those categories. Here’s what I chose:


  1. Rollerball Perfume – Replica-Beach Walk

This is the perfect summer scent. It smells just like being on a beach. A mix of sunscreen, sand, and salt water. I should be able to use up this rollerball by the end of summer which is perfect timing.


  1. Maybelline Item- Color Tattoo Stick – Barely Beige

This will be great to use as a base for my eyeshadows as well as an inner corner and brow bone highlight. I’m not sure that I love the texture as much as the original potted color tattoos but I’m sure I’ll be able to use it up by the end of the year.


  1. Cream Product- Benefit Majorette Blush

I don’t love cream blushes so that’s why I chose this product to pan. This actually has a very nice cream to powder formula. It’s also quite sheer so I can use this as a base for other, more sheer blushes.


  1. Item you Love/Hate – Nest- Amazon Lily Perfume

The love hate relationship with this is odd. When you first spray it on, it smells like cleaning products. But once it settles a bit, it has such a lovely, fresh smell. Very “green”. It is on the more unique side though, so I’d smell it in store first before buying.


  1. Highlighter- Smashbox- Hollywood & Highlight Stick

I’ve never used a highlight in stick form and this sample size seems like something that will be a good introduction to the product. I think it’ll also be quite easy to use up since there’s really not that much product.


  1. Loose Powder Product – Tarte-Smooth Operator Loose Powder

I use powder every day to set my entire face as well as touch up so I think I’ll be able to use this up by the end of the year. This is a very smooth, finely milled powder and makes my skin look so nice and smooth.


  1. Something you haven’t used in a year- Korres Lip Butter- Plum

This oddly enough still smells delicious and the texture hasn’t changed at all. This gives a really pretty sheer color to the lips so it’s great for on the go with a little bit of a tint. I don’t like that I have to dip my finger in it since it is tinted but carrying a lip brush around seems a bit silly too. Using up the Jasmine shade took me forever and that’s neutral so I’m actually not sure if I’ll be able to use this up entirely. Unfortunately they don’t sell this shade anymore but they have a few other brighter shades that are really pretty.


  1. Something from an Indie Brand – Lunatick Labs- Mystifying Mattifying Pressed Powder

I love the packaging on this one. It’s a little Ouija board planchette! The top slides over to reveal a nice sized pan of pressed powder. While this does go on translucent, you do need to be careful of flashback. I think this’ll be good for my handbag and for touching up during the day.


  1. Sample- Davines- OI All In One Milk Spray

This is another sample size product. It smells SO GOOD and makes my hair very soft and silky.


  1. Product with Beautiful Packaging – Kat Von D- Por Vida Blush

This is ambitious to put in a project pan since I’ve barely touched it. These blushes are so nice (unfortunately discontinued but are on sale on Kat Von D’s website). This blush is SO pigmented so I’ll have to use a light hand. I also love the embossed packaging. So pretty. My goal with this one will just be to hit pan. But even that is going to be a stretch.


  1. Urban Decay Item- 24/7 Velvet Eyeliner- Plushie

This shade/formula isn’t really available any more (just in the black color). I linked the original formula in the closest color. This color is really pretty and just dark enough that I think I can get away with it during the day. I find that pencils that require sharpening are easier/faster to use up than those that wind up.


  1. Blush –Rimmel- Santa Rose

This I’m rolling over from the “For the Love of Panning” challenge. I am DETERMINED to hit pan on this guy if not use it up entirely. We’ll see how it goes, but I have a pretty substantial dip in the pan already.


13.Something in a Stick/Tube- Lorac Pro Matte- Pink Taupe

I love this color and it’s a really pretty neutral for everyday. I really like the formula of these lipsticks and the bullet is small enough to get a nice precise line without using a lip liner. I think I’ll be able to get all the way through this one.


  1. Something You’re Loving Right Now- Colour Pop- Wisp Highlighter

Another product that I’m rolling over from the “For the Love of Panning” Challenge. There is a nice sized dip in the pan already. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to completely use this up but hitting pan would be good enough for me.


  1. Item of Choice- Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Palette

This was a limited edition palette so unfortunately I can’t link to it online. I love this. But since I’ve never panned a palette before, I figured it would be a good idea to choose something neutral and small. I can use this as a partner to the palettes that I choose for my One Month, One Palette series as well. Since it’s so small and I’ve already got good size dips in the pans, I don’t think I’ll have a huge problem finishing this up.


16- Item in a color you don’t normally wear- Nars- Funny Face Lipstick

This is a gorgeous magenta pink. It’s a soft matte so it’s not too drying and has a gorgeous subtle blue shift to the color. This will be tricky to use up entirely. But again, great color to make use of in the summer. I’d like to use up maybe 50% by the end of the challenge.


17- Product you dislike- Bare Minerals Buttercream Gloss- Sugar

This is a beautiful color, don’t get me wrong. The formula is nice, not at all sticky. Pretty on it’s own or layered over something else. The reason I don’t like it is the smell. I can’t stand the smell. The other Bare Minerals glosses have this great minty smell to them. I’ve heard these described as having a chocolate smell but I don’t get that at all. Mine smells like it may have gone off a little. But that can’t be possible because I haven’t had it that long. Oh well, hopefully I’ll be able to use up a good amount so I feel like I’ve gotten my money’s worth.

Here are some swatches of the products (click the photo to enlarge).

I’ll be posting updates once a month (hopefully) and I’ve started marking products either on the package or on a sheet of paper to keep track of my progress.

Are you guys doing a project pan for the whole year? I’d love to see what you’re working on!


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