For the Love of Panning Finale!

For The Love of Panning Finale

We’ve reached the end of the road with this Project Pan Challenge. This was my first real attempt at a long project pan and I’m really pleased with my progress. Here’s where I’ve ended up.

I finally finished Mac Mystical! I loved this shade. I thought it was really flattering on my skin tone and made my eyes look bluer. The formula was also so nice; moisturizing and comfortable. I found a dupe in Mac’s Brick O La. Not an exact dupe but close enough.

The other two products (Colour Pop – Echo Park, Ofra – Laguna Beach) are still going strong. I really concentrated on Mystical. I’m still happy to have these shades but I’m afraid that Echo Park is starting to turn on me…smells a bit funny.

The Rimmel blush in Santa Rose is still not showing any sign of pan. I’ve been using it consistently since the start and it must have been very densely packed because there is no pan in sight! I’m rolling this over into my 17 in 2017 Project Pan so we’ll see how long it takes to finish.

I also have quite a nice dip in the Colour Pop Wisp Highlight. No pan yet, but a little goes a long way with this one. Again, I’m rolling this over into my 17 in 2017 Project Pan.

I’ll admit that I’ve been favoring a tinted moisturizer over the Tarte foundation recently so I haven’t gotten too much farther with that one. But since the beginning of the challenge I’ve really grown to like the Tarte foundation and am happy to be keeping it in my collection.

The Nest Amazon Lily fragrance is also rolling over into the new project pan. This I just recently added in so I haven’t gotten too far. But I think it’ll be a nice summer scent.

Overall, I’ve totally used up or decluttered 5 products 4 of which are from my intro. I’m pleased with that progress! I’m excited to see how it goes with my 17 in 2017 project pan. There are so many more products but also a longer amount of time. I’m feeling good after this one and am looking forward to keeping up the momentum.

Are you doing any project pans?


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