One Month, One Palette April Update and May Picks

April One Month, One Palette Finale

April was a really fun one with this challenge. I forgot just how much I love the Ciaté x Olivia Palermo Smokey Suedes Palette. Again, this palette is no longer available but I encourage you to try out other Ciaté palettes. Its a great eyeshadow formula and I was more than happy to use this palette this month.

I ended up de-cluttering the Bare Minerals ‘The Happy Place’ Quad. I wasn’t reaching for it at all over the first couple weeks. I didn’t feel inspired by it or felt the need to keep it. So that lil guy is going to find a better home.

The Lunatick Labs Contour Palette is an odd one. I used the crap out of the warm toned bronzer shades. They both made great matte bronzers and I liked to mix the lighter brown with the gray to make a perfect contour shade. Since I was trying to pan a blush for a project pan, I didn’t use the blushes too much. But when I did I enjoyed them. My issue is that I didn’t use too many shades and I feel guilty keeping it. What I may do is de-pot the shadows into a large magnetic palette and use them as eyeshadows. But then again, the packaging is one of the best parts of the palette. I’ll have to think about this one but for now, it’s staying.

And now my choices for May’s One Month, One Palette eye and cheek choices.

For an eyeshadow palette I picked the Bare Minerals ‘The Bare Neutrals’ palette. I’ve said a few times how much I love the Bare Minerals Ready eyeshadow formula so I’m once again, excited for this one. I love how neutral it is so I can pair it with some of my more bright single shadows. It’s really a great palette for every day so I think I’ll get great use out of it.

The blush palette this month is the Maybelline Face Studio Master Contour Palette in Light/Medium. I haven’t really had a chance to use this palette so I’m glad to have picked it. I’m actually most impressed with the contour shade in this one. It’s just cool toned enough for me to use for contour and the texture is really nice and smooth. The highlight is going to be on the more natural side but that isn’t an issue for me.

I’m glad to have chosen both of these since I’ll be doing quite a bit of traveling this month and these are both nice and compact.

What do you think of this month’s picks?


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