One Month, One Palette July Picks and June Update

June Finale One Month, One Palette

I really enjoyed using my June picks for the One Month, Two Palettes series. I LOVE this Becca Blushed with Light palette. Becca blushes are great and these colors are perfect for summer. It looks like I barely touched it. Part of that is a side effect of having a couple blushes in my Project Pan but also, Becca Blushes are so pigmented that you don’t need much. Definitely a keeper.

The Morphe x Jaclyn Hill (Version 1) Palette is really nice as well. However, I found myself using the same colors over and over again (you can see I actually hit pan on a shadow!). I didn’t really touch any of the brighter colors which is a shame since a lot of them would have made for a nice summery look. I just wasn’t drawn to them at all and I’m conflicted about keeping a palette that only sees use from a couple of shadows. I’m going to hold onto it for now and I would consider de-potting the neutral shadows that I love and decluttering the remainder.

One Month, One Palette July 3One Month, One Palette July Open

I’m super pumped about July’s choices for my One Month, One Palette for face and eye.

First up is the Makeup Geek x Kathleen Lights Highlighter Palette. I’m so glad I chose this one since it will give me an opportunity to focus on the blushes in my Project Pan. The three shades in the palette are really pretty. I especially love the center shade ‘Starlight’. I’ve been really into pink toned highlights recently. The deepest shade (‘Sunlight’) is a bit too dark for my skin tone but I think it’ll look beautiful as an eyeshadow. I’m excited to get some use out of this one.

Makeup Geek x Kathleen Lights Highlight Swatches

For eyes, I chose the IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Vol. 1 Palette. This is an all matte palette with one sheer “Transforming Pearl” shadow. The formula is described as a “Matte Luxe” formula and can look a bit more satiny when applied to the eye. It has a nice mix of warm and cool toned eyeshadows which can go very natural or very smoky. I haven’t used this in quite a while (as it is with pretty much all of the palettes in this challenge) but when I first got it, I was using it all the time so I’m excited to come back to it.

IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette Swatches
Sorry ’bout my hairy arm…
Regular Shadow vs with Transforming Pearl
All Heart vs All Heart with Transforming Pearl on top.

What do you guys think of this month’s choice?


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