Makeup Geek ‘In The Nude’ Bundle

MUG In The Nude Bundle - Fair

Makeup Geek is one of my favorite brands for eyeshadow, and they just released a new neutral palette. So like, obviously I had to get it. Even though I have more than enough neutral shadows in my collection but whatever it’s fine I don’t have a problem.

They also released a collection of new bronzers and in honor of these two releases, they put together bundles for Fair, Medium and Deep skin tones. I picked up the Fair Bundle which includes 2 lip products (Beach Bunny and Jetsetter), a Bronzer (Sunkissed), a Highlight (Luster) and an eyeshadow palette (In The Nude). All of these products are available individually as well but it’s a really good deal in the bundle.

The bronzer is brand new and comes in 3 shades. They have a satiny finish which I think looks really nice and they apply very smoothly. The shade Sunkissed is a bit light for me so I need to build it up quite a bit but I think going a shade deeper would be a bit too dark for me. I think this may work better for me in the winter when I’m slightly more pale. But overall, I really like this product.

I knew I enjoyed the highlights after trying the Kathleen Lights collaboration palette but this shade…holy moly I love this color! I can’t get enough of this shade. It’s very smooth, very pigmented and very shiny. I don’t think that it emphasizes any texture on me which is also nice. This is a total win!

Makeup Geek Beach Bunny and Jetsetter Swatches
L to R: Beach Bunny, Jetsetter

The colors for lip products are the same in each bundle which if I’m honest, seems odd to me. Like, if you change the bronzer and highlight shade, wouldn’t you switch up the lip products? But they’re nice colors so I don’t think it matters too much. Beach Bunny is in the Plush Matte finish and Jetsetter is in the Plush Creme finish. For some reason the Plush Mattes have 1.8mLs and the Cremes have 3 mLs. I’m not sure why they’re in two different sizes. Maybe because of the formula? I’m not sure. The colors are very pretty but I don’t think they’re super flattering on me. I do really like the formulas on both. They’re very comfortable so I’d like to try different shades sometime.

Last but certainly not least, the In The Nude eyeshadow palette. This is the PERFECT everyday palette. Great neutrals for a simple, work appropriate look and deep enough shades to create a smoky look. I own the singles of both the foiled shadows included but they are some of my favorites so I’m happy to have backups. There are 4 brand new matte shadows and 5 of the most popular matte, shimmer and foiled shades. I like that they included fan favorites as well as some palette exclusive shades. I don’t think I have to say much more. I love this.

This collection is very sleek looking and well rounded. I’m a fan. If I had to choose just two pieces from the bundle, I’d say the palette and the highlight are the standouts for me.

What do you guys think of this collection? Which products are on your wish list?



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