New ColourPop Goodies

Colour Pop New Palettes

ColourPop has been coming out with so many new releases that it’s hard to keep up. But as usual, I fell for the hype and picked up quite a few new things.

As If Palette

Unfortunately, this palette is out of stock but I have a hunch that they may re-stock. They already did once, and the demand is so high I wouldn’t be surprised. But it was advertised as limited edition so…? This is a very warm toned palette that has been compared as a dupe for the Natasha Denona Sunset Palette. While I don’t have that one, I’ve seen quite a few comparisons and they do look quite similar and the ColourPop one was such a great deal. The shadows are on par with the other powder shadows I’ve tried. Very smooth and pigmented. A few of the matte shades are a little powdery but nothing that I find annoying. Something to note is that the shadows in this and the FemRosa Palette aren’t full size. They’re much smaller. This doesn’t really bother me though as I don’t go through palettes that fast. I’m really glad I was able to get my hands on this one.

Fem Rosa She Eyeshadow Palette and Her Face Palette

I was so excited for this collection. I love the rosy tones and I can’t resist a great face palette. The face palette has great pigmentation and while it is a bit too dark for me, if I use a light hand, it can work beautifully. The bronzer is a bit too deep for me to use all over but I wore it as a contour the other day (again with a VERY light hand) and it worked beautifully. Again, the highlight is also a bit too deep but isn’t overly pigmented and works really well as an inner corner highlight or as a subtle wash of color on the eyes.

The eyeshadow palette is beautiful and has a great selection of colors. Again, beautiful textures and shade range. I do wish that it had a couple more neutral matte shades. This is giving me vibes of the Naked 3 palette. Not necessarily in color but in the way that it can be a bit same same in terms of the looks you create. I think for me to use this on an every day basis, I would need to pull in a neutral brown crease shade to tone it down. Otherwise, this is so pretty and I’m glad that I picked up both palettes.

ColourPop Large Magnetic Eye Palette

ColourPop Magnetic PaletteI love that ColourPop released magnetic palettes for their singles. I really don’t like the 4 pan palettes that come with the quads and the singles. I find them way too bulky. This has really done a great job streamlining my single ColourPop Shadows. I know the white packaging is going to get dirty easily but it’s makeup and it all gets dirty so that doesn’t bother me too much. The large size fits 24 shadows and they have a smaller version that holds 12. Here’s a breakdown of the shadows in my palette:

First Row:  Flower Boy, Bouquet Toss, Double Date, Two Much, Let Me Explain, Wake Up Call

Second Row: Sonya Esman Quad (Golden Gate Bridge, The Hidden Hills, Manhattan Coffee Run, Moscow Sunrise), Labyrinth, Soft Core

Third Row: Chic-y Palette (Distressed, Vivacious, Freckles, Noche), Come and Get It, Paper Tiger

Fourth Row: Heavy Hitter Palette (Full-Zip, Ringer, Side Tracked, Top Notch), Rose All Day, Stay Golden

Have you guys picked up any new bits from Colour Pop?


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