17 in 2017 Project Pan Update #3


I’m so excited to share this month’s update with you guys. I think I’ve made quite a bit of progress!

  1. Rollerball Perfume – Replica-Beach Walk

This one is done! I finished this quite early in the month and I loved it. Once I go through a few more of my perfumes I’m definitely buying the full size!

  1. Maybelline Item- Color Tattoo Stick – Barely Beige

I ended up decluttering this product. I tried using it a few different ways and I just wasn’t thrilled with any of them. Honestly, I don’t think I’ll miss it. I’ve decided to use up the single Mac Extra Dimension Eyeshadow in Lorelei in it’s place. This was a limited edition product from the Alluring Aquatics collection. I think in my next project pan, I’d like to focus on limited edition products. There’s no sense in letting them sit and go bad, I should use them while I can.

  1. Cream Product- Benefit Majorette Blush

I finally started to make some progress on this one. I think I’ll be able to use it up but I don’t love the color. It pulls a bit too orange on me. But it’ better when it’s layered with something else.

  1. Item you Love/Hate – Nest- Amazon Lily Perfume

I’ve made some really great progress here this month. Now that the roller ball is out of the picture I’ve only been using this. I still like the scent once it settles but I don’t think I’d repurchase it.

  1. Highlighter- Smashbox- Hollywood & Highlight Stick

Finished it! This morning actually. I got through this one pretty quickly once I started using it on my shoulders and collar bone. I really enjoyed this product but I’m not sure I would buy the full size. I’m just such a fan of the ColourPop Cream Highlighters. More on that later.

  1. Loose Powder Product – Tarte-Smooth Operator Loose Powder

Finished! I don’t know how I got through this so quickly but I’m happy to be done with it. It was a bit too dry on my under eye area. Overall, just not my favorite powder.

  1. DECLUTTERED – Something you haven’t used in a year- Korres Lip Butter- Plum

I ended up decluttering this one. I wasn’t using it and although I like the formula, I don’t like the mess. There is a light pale pink shade (Jasmin) and a clear (Guava) that I would definitely repurchase. I just think that for a tinted lip balm, this had too much tint to apply with fingers.

  1. Something from an Indie Brand – Lunatick Labs- Mystifying Mattifying Pressed Powder

I’ve made a pretty good dent in this guy as well. Once I finished the Tarte powder, I’ve been using this to set my face. So far it’s working well but again, not a holy grail for me.

  1. FINISHED – Sample- Davines- OI All In One Milk Spray

Used this one up! This was easy since it was a sample size and I enjoyed using it. I’m not sure that I would repurchase it since I recently chopped all my hair off and it may be a bit much for my shorter hair.

  1. Product with Beautiful Packaging – Kat Von D- Por Vida Blush

Still not much progress here. I’ve been trying to use it more but if I don’t use it consistently this month, I’m tempted to declutter it. I think my blush preferences have changed since I bought this. I tend to go for more neutral colors and less with the bright pinks. It’s still so pretty but I’m just not sure it’s realistic to keep in my collection.

  1. ColourPop Item – Colour Pop’s Overboard Eyeliner.

I really like this eyeliner. Such a pretty bronze shade and the formula is so creamy. I haven’t made too much progress since I just added it to the project but I think I’ll be able to go through it by the end of the year.

  1. Blush –Rimmel- Santa Rose

I FINALLY HIT PAN!!! You have no idea how good it feels to say that. I still really like this blush color but mostly I’m happy I conquered the never ending blush pan.

13. Something in a Stick/Tube- Lorac Pro Matte- Pink Taupe

Again, not too much to show here. When I rolled it up to measure it, it broke out of the tube. I’m going to try and fix it so that I can still use it. I hope to have more to show for this next month.

  1. Something You’re Loving Right Now- Colour Pop- Wisp Highlighter

I hit pan on this guy as well! I’ve been using it on my face as well as my shoulders/collarbone. I’m not sure I’ll be able to fully use it up by the end of the year, but I should get pretty darn close.

  1. Item of Choice- Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Palette

I hit pan on another shade here! There’s a little baby pan in the lighter brown shade. I’m also getting close on the white highlight shade and the cream shade. I’m feeling more encouraged that I’ll actually be able to finish this palette.

16. Item in a color you don’t normally wear- Nars- Funny Face Lipstick

Once again, not a ton of progress. As the category suggests, this is not a color I normally wear so I don’t expect to go through this completely. I still love the color though and it’s reminded me how flattering this type of shade can be for me.

17. Product you dislike- Bare Minerals Buttercream Gloss- Sugar

I might actually get to call this one done next month. I’ve been wearing it a lot lately and I’ve gotten through quite a bit of it and it’s really starting to pull away from the sides of the tube. Great progress here for a product I’m not a huge fan of.

 Too Faced “Better Than Sex” Mascara
    – I would definitely repurchase this and am currently going through another tube.
 L’Oreal Brow Stylist Definer
    – I liked this product but the color wasn’t quite right for me. But for the drugstore, a really nice option.
 Origins Plantscriptions Eye Cream
   – I liked this as well but I don’t think it did too much for my fine lines. I also went through this pretty quickly.
 Nivea Mattifying Gel Cream Moisturizer
   – I love this but I can’t seem to be able to access this easily in the US. I got it while I was traveling in Norway and I hope I can find something similar that is easy to get my hands on in the states.
I used up 3 products this month and hit pan on 2. I think that’s pretty impressive if I do say so myself!

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