Violet Voss x Nicol Concilio Palette

Violet Voss x Nicol Concilio

I wasn’t going to do it. I was going to just ignore my impulses and just not buy it. But then I watched like, 5 tutorials with this palette and I gave in and bought it. I have #noregrets.

Violet Voss x Nicol Concilio Palette

The Violet Voss x Nicol Concilio Palette is full of beautiful warm mattes and shimmers with a pop of blue. I’ve loved the two other Violet Voss palettes that I have and this one is no exception. The packaging has an awesome holographic outer package and the inside is white (which will for sure get so dirty but honestly, whatevs) with a generous mirror. It does feel a bit thicker and heavier than the other Violet Voss palettes I own but that makes it feel a bit sturdier as well.

When I first saw photos of this palette I thought it looked a bit same same throughout the shades. However, once swatched you can see the differences in each of the shades. And honestly, you can never have too many warm neutral eyeshadows. Maybe I’m reaching but whatever, it’s great. The shadows are so pigmented and creamy. The metallics have an almost foiled effect to them. Even the blue, a shade I wouldn’t really wear, is super impressive.

The other two stand out shades for me are NYC which looks white in the pan but has a super pretty violet duo-chrome shift and Glorious which is very aptly names as it is a glorious rose gold, light bronze shade.

Check out Nicol’s channel on YouTube here.

What do you think of this palette? Will you be picking it up?


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