The “I-bought-it-because-it-was-on-sale” Haul

Sephora Sale Haul

You know how sometimes, you see a product and you’re like, “I do not need this. I have so many products that do the same thing”? But then you see that it’s on sale and suddenly you have to have it? Well that’s what happened to me when I saw that the Becca Après Ski Glow Face Palette and the Tarte Clay Play Face Shaping Palette were both on sale on the Sephora website. Had. To. Have.

I’ve heard a lot of beauty gurus on YouTube raving about this Tarte Clay Play Face Shaping Palette and they’re not wrong. While it seems a bit boring at face value, it’s really a great collection of powder products. I used this for contour, bronzer, eyeshadow and eyebrows all at once and it worked really well for all of those purposes. The textures of these powders are so soft and so pigmented so a little goes a long way. They blend really easily and smoothly and I don’t find them to be too powdery. I don’t think an all (or mostly) matte palette is ever a bad investment and I think I’ll be getting a lot of use out of this.

I was a bit more hesitant about adding the Becca Après Ski Glow Face Palette to my cart. I had read some mixed reviews about it and I knew that at least 2 of the colors I wouldn’t use as much. But again, it was on sale…how could I say no?? Well I’m glad I went for it because this is a beautiful palette. I just love Becca products and this is no exception. The blush is brighter than I’d normally go for but it sheers out beautifully on the skin and really gives an “I was just out in the cold” flush. The bronzer is very flattering and glowy without being shimmery. The 3 highlights are lovely as well. I love the Rose Quartz shade and Opal is a classic from their range. The blue toned Icicle shade is a bit out of my comfort zone but looks so cool as an inner corner highlight. The only shade I’m not sure about is Blushed Copper which is from their Luminous Blush range. It’s too dark for me to use as a blush and while it’s ok as an eyeshadow and a gorgeous color, I’m not sure how I’ll use it moving forward. Other than that, it’s a really pretty palette and perfect for this time of year.

What were your most recent, “I bought it because it was on sale” purchases?



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